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Many busy families struggle with their much loved, but difficult dogs.  Living on a small city lot at the time, I myself had a need for a dog that would fit in easily to modern life. While admiring many breeds, I wanted a true companion dog that would be versatile and calm enough to go with me everywhere. I wanted a dog that could go with me to the office, and also go camping and reliably stay with me. At the same time, it had to be gentle with my grandchildren and cat.  Maybe even biddable enough to be competitive in dog sports? I found that in European (English Cream) Golden Retrievers.  
I'm a teacher at heart.  Knowing that the first experiences will always be with them, the puppies few short weeks with me form the foundation for the rest of their life.  My gift to these amazing creatures and to their humans is to make those weeks happy and rich.  This involves so much; the quality of their mothering, knowledge of their developmental capabilities, environment, and even baby-steps training. 
Pretty is as pretty does.  Disposition comes first, but...if you're reading this, you agree with me that the light cream coat of a well built Golden Retriever is breathtaking.  This lighter coated type typically originates in Europe and Great Britain.  Hunter and Luna, for example, trace their recent roots back to Serbia, Ukraine, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, and Australia. 
You'll find their puppies to be totally charming!  Beth

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