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All current puppies are SOLD
January 2021 litter wait list is full





Peyton Golden's future - Peytons Myrna Loyal Moon


Puppy Skirt




To apply for a puppy please fill out and send in a puppy application.

Note: There is currently a huge demand for puppies.  I'm sure that all applicants would love and care for their puppies well.  But in order to reduce the volume of applications,  I'm looking for the following:  homes with fenced yards and homes that are willing to accept either gender.  Experience in dog training, sports, or therapy work is a plus.

When the puppies are 2 weeks old, we'll contact you and a $500 deposit is required to hold a puppy for you.

What can you expect?

Beauty and Temperament

Luna has excelled at performance sports.  Shiloh is a service dog.  Just imagine how sweet their puppies will be.


  • Gentle, unflappable dispositions.  

  • Calm

  • ​Undemanding

  • Medium Drive

  • Very trainable and biddable


  • Females:  65 lbs 

  • Males:  85 lbs


  • Creamy, off-white

  • Medium length

  • Wavy in spots

  • All over your black pants


  • Both parents have OFA Clearances on hips, elbows, eyes and heart

  • Both parents DNA tested (see pedigrees for details)

  • Extreme care given to nutrition during gestation and in early weaning

Exceptional Aptitude for​

  • Therapy Work

  • Obedience competition

  • Family friend

Our adult dogs are all health tested.  Please see their individual pedigrees for OFA Clearances and DNA details.  Our puppies come with a 3 year health guarantee, AKC limited registration, a puppy care package, vet certification, microchipping, current worming and vaccinations, and lifelong support from our program.

The time that the puppies are still with their breeder is the most important time.  Experiences during this period will affect them for the rest of their lives, for good . . . or for bad.

We'll be working daily to develop their brains and their bodies.  We'll be introducing them to new things, animals, and people.  They will be learning manners.

Using the latest research and techniques, the puppies are gently exposed to various small challenges.  This develops strength and resilience.  They have plenty of time with Mom to feel secure.  Various scents are introduced to help them to excel at all the sports that require nose work.

In addition, they've been started with potty training from the age of 3 weeks which is when they start wanting to keep their bed clean.  At 5 weeks, they'll start daily walks in the woods.  This will develop their desire to follow a human as well promote strength, balance, and resilience.

Each puppy is evaluated to determine their unique strengths.  With this information, the puppy that you take home will be the best possible puppy match for you.

Now it's your turn! The second 8 weeks is the time for this adorable puppy to bond with their new family.  Their brain is still developing at an amazing rate and their experiences now will form their view of the world for the rest of their life.
They need many sights and sounds to feel comfortable in the complex modern world that they live in. New puppy owners will be sent the Avidog ebook "97 Ways to Create Great Puppies".
But don't stop there.  You now have an amazing partner and there's a whole world of activities and competition out there that you can have fun doing together.
Please note: Formal training classes are required in the Peyton Goldens Puppy Contract.



Focus on Physical, Mental, Social Development

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